Ep.17: Political Economy, Technocracy, and the New Gilded Age with Robert Johnson

Episode Summary for Political Economy, Technocracy, and the New Gilded Age In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with Robert Johnson, about the political economy, inequality, and the failings of our technocratic institutions. Dr. Johnson serves as President of the Institute for New Economic Thinking and is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Global Finance Project for the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in New York. Robert Johnson is an international investor and consultant to investment… Listen >>

Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Explosive Growth of the Cryptocurrency Industry – a conversation on the market forces with Andrew Keys of Consensus Systems

Andrew Keys of Ethereum focused Consensus Systems speaks with Demetri Kofinas about the latest developments in the Blockchain universe including Bitcoin Cash – where it’s been, what it looks like today, and how it has the potential to shape all of our futures In this Market Forces segment of the Hidden Forces podcast, Demetri Kofinas speaks with one of the foremost authorities on blockchain technology and the Ethereum protocol, Andrew Keys. Andrew Keys heads Global Business Development for Consensus Systems, better… Listen >>

Ep.16: A Crisis Building in the Chinese Financial System and the Hard Landing of the Chinese Economy with Anne Stevenson-Yang

Episode Summary for the Chinese Financial System and the Hard Landing of the Chinese Economy In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with Anne Stevenson-Yang. Anne is the co-founder of J Capital Research, which conducts ground-up, primary research for institutional money managers on stocks, the Chinese economy, and the Chinese financial system. She is also the co-founder of a group of online media businesses called Blue Bamboo Ventures. She also founded and operated the CRM software company, Clarity… Listen >>

Ep.15: Genetics, Genomics, and Big Data in Medicine with Eric Schadt

Episode Summary for Genetics, Genomics, and Big Data in Medicine In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with Dr. Eric Schadt. Eric Schadt is founder and CEO of Sema4, as well as Dean of Precision Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. During the course of his 20-year career, Dr. Eric Schadt has built genetics and systems biology groups at Merck. He built the computational biology group at Rosetta. He has served as co-founder… Listen >>

Ep.14: Phenomenology, Design, and the Human Experience with Christian Madsbjerg

Episode Summary for Human Experience, Phenomenology, and Design: In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with Christian Madsbjerg. Christian Madsbjerg is the founder of ReD Associates, a consultancy group focused on helping companies bridge the qualitative divide between themselves, their products, and their customers. The anthropologists, sociologists, economists, journalists, and designers who make up ReD employ the methods of social science to study human behavior. Instead of minimizing complexity, they embrace the non-linearities illuminated through human experience, helping… Listen >>

UPDATE: Plans for Video, Trip to SFI, and Fewer Episodes for the Summer

Dear Friends, It has been three months since I launched the Hidden Forces Podcast. The show has made it onto the Top Podcast Charts on iTunes out of hundreds of thousands of competing shows. It has grown steadily since, and we continue to gain awareness. I’ve often compared the launch of a show like this to the Gemini and early Apollo missions. The first step is in achieving escape velocity and viability in orbit. We have done this. The second step is… Listen >>

Ep. 13: James Grant reflects on the History of Interest Rates, the State of Markets, and the Future of Finance

Episode Summary for James Grant on Interest Rates and our Financial Future: In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with James Grant. James Grant is a legend of the financial newsletter industry. Once the editor of the yield column in Barron’s, he would leave in 1983 to found Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, two years after the sacred risk-free rate touched just under 20%. This is a level that seems nearly impossible to fathom in today’s world of… Listen >>

Ep. 12: On the Lookout for the Next Financial Crisis with Steve Keen

Episode Summary for the Next Financial Crisis: In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with economist Steve Keen. Steve is Professor of Economics at Kingston University in London and one of a handful of economists to correctly anticipate the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Professor Keen is also the popular author of “Debunking Economics,” as well as the timely book, “Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?” In this episode, we tear up the textbook of contemporary economics…. Listen >>

Ep. 11: Philosophical Mathematics with Ray Monk

Philosophical Mathematics, Logic, and the Limits of Formal Systems In Episode 11 of the Hidden Forces podcast, Demetri Kofinas speaks with Ray Monk. Ray Monk is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton in the UK, where he lectures on logic, philosophical mathematics and the philosophy of Wittgenstein. He is presently a visiting Miller Scholar at the Santa Fe Institute. A prolific biographer, professor Monk has written books on the philosophers and mathematicians Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell, as… Listen >>

Ep. 10: Diplomacy in the 21st Century with Carne Ross

Episode on Diplomacy, War, and Anarchy In Episode 10 of the Hidden Forces podcast, Demetri Kofinas speaks with Carne Ross. Carne is the founder of Independent Diplomat, aich advises dozens of democratic countries and political groups on using diplomacy to achieve their foreign policy goals. In his former capacity as a British diplomat, Carne worked on the Middle East, the global environment, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. He served in British embassies within Germany, Norway, Kosovo, Afghanistan and the… Listen >>

Ep. 9: A History of the Federal Reserve and the Chairmanship of Alan Greenspan with Sebastian Mallaby

Episode Summary for Federal Reserve In Episode 9 of the Hidden Forces Podcast, Demetri Kofinas explores the history of the Federal Reserve under the chairmanship of Alan Greenspan. His guest for the hour is Sebastian Mallaby. Sebastian is a writer, commentator, and chronicler of financial and economic history. He is the Paul A. Volcker senior fellow for international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and a contributing columnist for the Washington Post. His interests cover a wide variety… Listen >>

Ep. 8: Cybersecurity, Cyber Safety, Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism with Josh Corman

Episode Summary on Cybersecurity In Episode 8 of the Hidden Forces podcast, Demetri Kofinas speak with cybersecurity expert and cyber safety advocate, Josh Corman. Josh is the founder of I am The Cavalry, an advocacy group actively engaged in addressing some of the most pressing issues of public safety and threats to human life on the Internet today. He is also the Director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council. Josh Corman is part of the 2016 Cybersecurity… Listen >>

Ep. 7: Complexity Theory, Complexity Science and Chaos with W. Brian Arthur

Episode Summary for Complexity Theory In Episode 7 of the Hidden Forces podcast, Demetri Kofinas speaks with one of the pioneers in complexity theory and complexity science, W. Brian Arthur. Brian Arthur has long been associated with the Santa Fe Institute, having served on its board of trustees and its board of science. He has been described by Fortune Magazine, as “one of the country’s leading economic thinkers,” and he is best known for his pioneering work on the operation… Listen >>

Ep. 6: Space Warfare and the Weaponization of Outer Space with Joan Freese

Episode Summary for Space Warfare In Episode 6 of the Hidden Forces podcast, Demetri Kofinas speaks with Joan Johnson-Freese. Joan Freese is a professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College. She’s been a faculty member at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies and the Air War College, which emphasizes the employment of air, space, and cyberspace in joint operations. Professor Freese has also served on the Space Studies Board of the National Academies of Science and has… Listen >>

Ep. 5: Financial Volatility at the Edge of Crisis with Christopher Cole

Episode Summary for Financial Volatility: In Episode 5 of Hidden Forces, Demetri Kofinas speaks with Christopher Cole. Chris is the founder of Artemis Capital and the portfolio manager of the Artemis Vega Fund, which seeks to profit from periods of financial volatility, dislocation, and systemic crisis in financial markets. His core focus is systematic, quantitative, and behavioral based trading of financial volatility derivatives. In this episode, Demetri and Chris explore political and financial volatility. They discuss the unprecedented level of… Listen >>

Ep. 4: Gary Edgerton on American History and Culture as Television from 1946-2009

Episode Summary for Television Culture and History: In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with famed historian of television culture, Gary Edgerton. Professor Edgerton is Dean of the College of Communication at Butler University. He has published eleven books and more than eighty book chapters, journal articles, and encyclopedia entries on a wide assortment of media and television culture topics. He is also co-editor of the Journal of Popular Film and Television. His award-winning book, The Columbia History… Listen >>

Ep. 3: Postmodernism – Art, Finance, Technology and the Individual with Mark C. Taylor

Episode Summary for Postmodernism: In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with philosopher and theologian Mark C. Taylor. Mark is Chair of the Department of Religion and Co-Director of the Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life. A leading figure in debates about postmodernism, Taylor has written on topics ranging from philosophy, religion, literature, art and architecture to education, media, science, technology and economics. He has authored 30 books, among which include Journeys to Selfhood: Hegel and… Listen >>

Ep. 2: James Rickards on Complexity, Economic History, and the Coming Financial Crisis

Episode Summary for James Rickards: In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas speaks with New York Times bestselling author and brilliant financial commentator, James Rickards. James is the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers including The Death of Money, Currency Wars, and The New Case For Gold. His latest book is The Road To Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis. He is the editor of the Strategic Intelligence newsletter and a member… Listen >>

Ep. 1: David Kirkpatrick on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, the Future of Work, and More

Episode Summary for David Kirkpatrick: In this episode of Hidden Forces, host Demetri Kofinas talks with journalist and technology commentator David Kirkpatrick. David is the author of The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World, and the founder of Techonomy Media, which produces some of the best conferences at the intersection of technology, business, academia, and government. He writes at Techonomy.com, he’s a contributing editor to Bloomberg Television, and is a member of the Council… Listen >>