Mid-Week Interview with Jim Rickards, Breaking News on Blockchain, and More!


I’m excited to announce the release of a special, Market Forces segment with Jim Rickards this week that I’ll be recording with him in-studio Wednesday (two days from now) for release on that very same evening or early the following morning.

We will discuss Jim’s call for war with North Korea, a secular reversal in market sentiment toward the down-side, de-dollarization, the Trump Fed, and more. I also break the news on an interview that will shake the foundations of the blockchain community with the creator of an entirely new distributed ledger that is asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant and can do 250,000 TPS. This episode was scheduled for release today, but in light of the Columbus Day holiday weekend, I thought it prudent to wait a week.

Lastly, I have some special requests from the audience. Please listen for details!