Demetri Kofinas

UPDATE: Plans for Video, Trip to SFI, and Fewer Episodes for the Summer

Dear Friends,

It has been three months since I launched the Hidden Forces Podcast. The show has made it onto the Top Podcast Charts on iTunes out of hundreds of thousands of competing shows. It has grown steadily since, and we continue to gain awareness.

I’ve often compared the launch of a show like this to the Gemini and early Apollo missions. The first step is in achieving escape velocity and viability in orbit. We have done this. The second step is in moving out of orbit, and this requires more than just a booster rocket. It requires a crew and a protocol. In order to complete this next phase, I will need to focus more of my creative energy on production and distribution.

In order to accomodate this workflow, I will reduce the full-length episode output from one show per week to two-per-month for the duration of the summer. I will continue to release the shorter “market forces” segments, as appropriate opportunities for interviews come along. Those are being made available on iTunes and Google Play for those of you who have subscribed to these platforms, but they are also available on the new blog page of the Hidden Forces website.

My goal is to spend the rest of the summer building a robust process and content library from which to pull episodes in the Fall. I officially launched the Hidden Forces YouTube page this weekend and started populating it with content from the podcast. It is very important to me that we get to a place of being able to create high-quality video interviews and segment for the show, so an increasing amount of my focus will be devoted to this endeavor. I can’t wait to get us there!

I am also excited to share with you the news that I’ve been invited to stay at the Santa Fe Institute this summer, where I hope to conduct some interviews and create some really great content for the program. As many of you already know, SFI is the world headquarters for complexity science, and has been a valuable resource for Hidden Forces.

Episode 14 of the podcast drops next Monday, June 26th, followed by Episode 15 on Monday, July 10th, and so on, until the beginning of September, when we will return to weekly releases. Again, the shorter segment content will be peppered in throughout the summer, and you will be able to find that on the blog or through iTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher.

I’ve got some incredible content coming out over the next few months, including episodes on phenomenology, genomics and data science, the Chinese banking system, and more.

As always, I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Please do not hesitate to respond directly to this post with any questions or comments you might have. If you have not already liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter and Instagram, I strongly encourage you to do so. Our Instagram account, especially, has become its own source of storytelling built around pictures that complement each week’s episode.

See you all in one week!