Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm

The Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm. Is This the Future of Consensus?

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Included at the bottom of this post is video footage from “The Future Is Not Blockchain. It’s Hashgraph,” a panel hosted by Demetri Kofinas on Thursday, October 19, 2017. In it, members of the hashgraph consensus algorithm’s founding team, including the CEO of Swirlds, Mance Harmon, speak with Demetri Kofinas about the future of the Internet.

In this blockbuster event, blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and fans of Hidden Forces ask questions to the founders of hashgraph about their revolutionary technology. Leemon Baird, Mance Harmon, and the rest of the Swirlds team claim to have built an entirely new distributed ledger technology that is better (orders of magnitude more efficient), faster (250,000+ transactions per second pre-sharding), safer (asynchronous byzantine fault tolerant), and fairer (mathematically proven fairness with consensus time stamping) than the blockchain.

This is the second installment in a series of interviews, panel discussions, and conversations that Demetri Kofinas has had with the founders of Hashgraph. Hashgraph is a consensus algorithm that may have solved the problem of scale in distributed information management. It is a distributed ledger technology that may do for information processing and storage, what TCP/IP and broadband have done for communication. This could be a revolution unlike any we have seen since the earliest days of the World Wide Web.

This event took place at the Assemblage NOMAD in New York City. It was a packed house with over 200 people in attendance from the blockchain and fintech communities who were eager to learn about how the hashgraph consensus algorithm is going to change the future of the Internet.

You can listen to Demetri’s interview with the inventor and founder of Hashgraph, Leemon Baird, as well as read the transcript to that conversation on our website. You can also access the audio to Demetri’s interview with Leemon Baird on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotifySoundCloudStitcher, and Player FM.